Scandinavian Boy Viking Gnome or Nisse.


Each one is handmade and stands approximately 26cm tall. His oversized nose is made of a beige felt fabric and he has a soft brown faux fur beard with a silver coloured metal medallion around his neck. He has a felt and fleece horned helmet decorated with three silver coloured metal buttons around the rim and one large silver button on the top. He is wearing a brown fleece coat with faux sheepskin jacket.


This Viking Gnome is an adorable accessory for your home, or a beautiful gift at anytime of year - Every gnome deserves a home!


He is happy keeping watch over your home from a shelf, sideboard, table or even from the floor.


If looked after and treated well your nisse will protect your home and family however if not treated well they will usually play tricks on you like hiding your keys.


His base is lightly weighted with rice for stability


Each one is totally unique, a little bit different and a little bit quirky, but 100% handmade by BELiEVE DESiGNS.


A lovely addition to any home, bringing the Hygge vibe of cosy and comfy feeling in any setting.


PLEASE NOTE: Our ornaments are not meant for play. They are decoration only, so please do not allow your children, babies or pets to play with them.

Handmade Nordic Viking Boy Gnome with Brown Beard